Energy Modeling and Local Law Compliance

In addition to MEP-FP engineering design, we offer energy and environmental services to our clients as required to achieve their goals and energy and environmental commitments.

New York City requires that all buildings over 25,000 square feet undertake an energy benchmarking study each year for annual energy consumption (Local Law 84). In addition, Local Law 87 requires that an audit and retro-commissioning study every ten years is filed with the building department. Ryan Soames Engineering has assisted a variety of clients in realizing significant energy savings such as:

• Complete energy services including ASHRAE Level I, II & III Energy Audits
• Professional building commissioning services in line with US Green Buildings Council, ASHRAE, and LEED protocol
• Complete New York City Local Law 84 & 87 compliance including continuous energy efficiency services
• In partnership with Heat Watch – skilled online boiler management services
• Continuous and professional commissioning for a host of clients
• Analysis for electricity and water reduction
• Oil to gas conversion
• Tool and resources to understand Department of Buildings violations


New York City has passed a bill into law that includes several environmentally focused initiatives. The part of the bill that is going to impact building owners most directly, Intro 1253, is a complex law that creates carbon emissions limits for most buildings over 25,000 square feet and alternative compliance paths for certain types of buildings. The city has pledged to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 80% by 2050 (80 x 50). To assist in achieving this, the interim goal of a 40% reduction by 2030 has been put in place. The very worst performing buildings will have to act by 2024 to curb their emissions. Hefty fines will be enforced starting in 2024 and will build until the goals are reached.
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