Largo Boiler Replacement

Brooklyn, NY

This project was a boiler system upgrade and replacement for a 57,000 sq ft residential building. The system was heated and cooled through the use of water source heat pumps. The boiler system was used for heat injection into condenser water loop as well as the production of domestic hot water through the use of the turbomax indirect hot water heaters. The existing system consisted of two 1250 MBH 85% efficient fan assisted boilers that were installed in a none code compliant manner and were unreliable. The system was upgraded to two 1200 MBH 93% efficient condensing boilers. Water temperature condensing boilers are much better suited to the installation due to the fact that they can handle the lower water temperatures of the condenser water without issues with the boiler.

Largo NYC
Project Address
185 South 4th St.
New York
49 West 45th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036
T 917.720.3696