Popeyes Restaurants

Multiple Locations

Ryan Soames Engineering has been hired to provide consulting and engineering design for Popeyes restaurant sites throughout the Greater Metropolitan Area of New York, New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania.

RSE closely follows the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. corporate prototype design drawings, and documents to provide new construction and provide fit-out or new construction design work. RSE starts with these documents and together with the architect, ensure they are site-specific and suitable for bidding, local permitting, and construction.

Our engineers provide guidance on the final sizing and selection of HVAC equipment and other MEP-FP equipment. When required, RSE assists in upgrades to incoming utility services. Ryan Soames Engineering’s knowledgeable, highly skilled, and responsive staff has a proven track record of meeting the fast-paced schedule of these projects and delivering high-quality work.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc
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New York
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