Villa Marie Claire

Saddle River, NJ

Villa Marie Claire, owned by Holy Name Medical Center in Upper Saddle River in NJ, cares for patients with advanced illness to relieve burdensome symptoms and allow them to spend quality time with loved ones. Sitting on 26 acres, Villa Marie Claire combines the ambiance of home with the peace of mind of specialized, round-the-clock care.

Ryan Soames, along with ENV Architects and Holy Name Medical Center, has been involved in the extensive refurbishment of the facility, including new and refurbished patient rooms, a hotel-style visitors wing, offices, and facilities, including a chapel, as well as, walking gardens, swimming pool, and an outdoor kitchen and dining/lounge area.

Ryan Soames Engineering has designed the MEP-FP systems, including new fire alarm, generator, medical gasses, and infrastructure to serve the refurbishment and since May 2020, have designed COVID-19 response HVAC systems with negative pressure and filtration on a room by room basis to the patients and staff.

The project completed construction in November 2020 and this already impressive facility provides an innovative one-of-a-kind haven for the community.

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